Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twice Upon a Marigold.

                                Twice Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris. (The sequel to Once Upon a Marigold.)
Since Queen Olympia's fateful fall into the river, newlyweds Christian and Marigold have been living happily ever after. And they had every intention of keeping it that way--until they find out that Olympia may not be as gone as they thought.          
Turns out Olympia is alive and well in a faraway village, having lost her memory after her ill-timed tumble. But one day she awakes and remembers her previous glory as queen. Accompanied by Lazy Susan (Sleeping Beauty's slacker sister) and Stan Lucasa (a gentleman with a surprising destiny), Olympia returns, determined to take back the kingdom. Yet, thanks to a cast of familiar characters, grabbing the throne may not be as easy as Olympia thinks!         
Full of zany humor, this highly anticipated sequel to Once Upon a Marigold will be welcomed by fans everywhere."
 I really liked the first one,Once Upon a Marigold. It was cute and funny. Twice Upon a Marigold was both of those too. But there was one thing  I really didn't like. How they just let Olympia bulldoze over everyone.  She sentences the king to hang for treason against her....
How did  that even happen? Isn't the king highest on the royalty food chain? Wouldn't she be caught for treason for that?  And no one,other than Marigold and her gang,tries to stop her. 
That kinda infuriated me...
But other than that,it was an enjoyable book. 
Three out of five stars.