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Review: Geek High by Piper Banks

Review of Geek High by Piper Banks

Release date: November 6th,2007
Format: Paperback, 242 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade
Source: Bought.

Summery from Goodreads:

"At this school, everyone's a geek. And Miranda Bloom still can't fit in...

Miranda is a math genius with divorced parents, an evil stepmother, and no boyfriend in sight. She can't even fit in with the other geeks at the Nottingham Independent School for high-IQ students, because theyactually have useful talents. Miranda, on the other hand, is known as "The Human Calculator," which doesn't amount to much when people have, you know, their own calculators.

Then Miranda gets stuck planning the school's Snowflake Gala. And as she struggles to find a date and drum up some school spirit at Nottingham-aka "Geek High"-she finds that who you are means more than where you fit in."

When I first read the summery for Geek High, I was hooked. This book isn't some great epic that will keep you up all night wondering what'll happen next, but it is a cute pleasurable read. It's just what you need after reading something dark. Geek High is light and a little bit of fluff. But it's good. It was funny and endearing, a little predictable in some places, but also a new take on being a teenager. Being a nerd!

A nerd that was judging others the way she didn't want them to judge her. The way she assuming the pretty rich girl would be a snob or the hot jock would be a meat-head was a little annoying, but she is only 15, and really, who doesn't occasionally do that? 

Rating- 3/12 stars.


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